Call the clean up crew for this hairy creampie cunt! Yep that is one twat full of sticky sperm right there and it belongs to Liz who let her husband take this kinky picture to share with the group. Dripping wet and gooey takes on a whole new meaning after you pop open this one, and its in your face pussy dripping at its finest, overflowing and full of sticky sperm.

This guy must eat something special to deliver this much cum, or maybe he saved up a bit, but the sight of all that hair matted down with semen and a nice glob of man juice dripping from her creampie pussy made this picture a keeper and one I really couldn’t wait to upload.


If your like me you’ll love the look of those lips too, spread wide after a good penetration, nice and pink from the brutalizing they just got. You can almost smell the strong scent of sex just from looking at this picture so enjoy one hairy cunt full of sticky sperm.

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