Must be something in the air lately because this is the second closeup shot a hairy twat spewing a nasty creampie after sex. Maybe it stems from my last update of the other picture featuring a wife after a cum filling or maybe its just because we all love to see pictures of deep seeded pussy, don’t know and don’t care, as long as hot wives and girlfriends keep letting their boys blow globs of spunk in their holes I’m happy.

The blonde cum dumpster in this picture is Abigail and her cum pumping stud Alex dropped this one off for us.  This isn’t a super hairy twat by any means but it spews creampie like a broken hose drops water and I love the those puffy lips and cum dribbling down her ass cheeks.


While not super hairy Abigail makes up it in one way and that is she isn’t affraid to go natural all around, just look at the hairy ass begging for cock, if it where me I slip in and bang her ass too.

Call the clean up crew for this hairy creampie cunt! Yep that is one twat full of sticky sperm right there and it belongs to Liz who let her husband take this kinky picture to share with the group. Dripping wet and gooey takes on a whole new meaning after you pop open this one, and its in your face pussy dripping at its finest, overflowing and full of sticky sperm.

This guy must eat something special to deliver this much cum, or maybe he saved up a bit, but the sight of all that hair matted down with semen and a nice glob of man juice dripping from her creampie pussy made this picture a keeper and one I really couldn’t wait to upload.


If your like me you’ll love the look of those lips too, spread wide after a good penetration, nice and pink from the brutalizing they just got. You can almost smell the strong scent of sex just from looking at this picture so enjoy one hairy cunt full of sticky sperm.

I bet somebody is in trouble now and I think I know his name, well as least his handle which is jj smith. Todays creampie picture is of a young hairy teen name Jessica and while her parents where out JJ talked the unwitting young lady into sex in her mom and dads house. Can’t blame the dude, she is one smoking hot piece of ass, but the load of cum in her snatch was no accident according to him.

Once Jessica agreed to do the naughty her only caveat was that JJ not fill her twat with cum because no birth control means that a fresh load of baby making sperm could easily inseminate young Jessica’s fertile cunt.  Of course he said he would pull out of her before cumming but this teens hairy creampie was no accident, and instead of pulling JJ dumped a monster size load of sperm deep into her womb.


Needless to say Jessica was none to happy about the prospects of pregnancy but the damage was done and she let JJ take one good creampie picture. Not I’m not so certain the this teens hairy creampie was no accident because I would think that once cock started throbbing in her cunt the fun would have been over.

Somebody was pressing their luck with this picture as we found out it depicts a very fertile and hairy snatch full of cum. Jay cranked off this pic for us of his lovely wifes snatch dripping with sperm and mentioned that while not intentional he accidentally busted a nut inside her fertile twat, leaving the mistress wondering for weeks if that load would leave her barefoot and pregnant, as they say.

For me nothing better explains the reason we love creampie pictures, after all nature makes us want to breed pussy so the animal inside drives us to do perform questionable acts, like toss off a batch of cum into a very fertile hairy snatch..ha!


No I don’t blame Jay for filling his lovely bride, I mean look at that pussy, nice and hairy and oozing with cum. My only complaint is that he didn’t take  the time to grab more creampie pictures for us. Personally I love to see a woman with fishnets on too, and the way her white panties are simply pulled to the side indicate that there was no love for this chick, it was yank panties to side, insert pecker, hump like a rabbit, and deposit cum inside pussy. Enough said!

Hey get the hell of the kitchen floor bitch your creampie dripping from that hairy pussy is gonna leave cum stains on the tile. Just kidding, we love to see sperm tracks after a good hard pussy banging so when Julie’s old man emailed us this creampie picture to post we jumped at the chance. I guess the dinner bell was ringing in his pants, due to the location, and his swollen member couldn’t wait to find a bed.

That wasn’t how it was obviously but went more like this. The couple had finished knocking down some grub and hubby decided desert was on the menu so he offer one of two things to Julie, spin the bottle and if it points at your hairy pussy then it gets a dripping creampie, if it points at my hard cock you suck it.


I don’t think I need to tell you where the bottle ended up but Julie’s hairy twat ended up with a load of sperm inside it and we get another hot creampie picture to share with you.

Well well what have we here? Forget it I’ll just tell you, its a surprise creampie picture of a hairy teen snatch and it belongs to a nice little chick names Amber who received this load of gooey sperm from her boyfriend late one night. From what Jake says she is a farm girl with strict morals but luckly for him she let her guard down one night after a family hay ride.

They got back to the barn and with some slight of tongue, and a promise to pull out, he convinced the tender teen to pull of the panties and give access to her hairy teen snatch. Jake jumped right in and put the meat to her flush pussy hole, only slowing to pull of the plaid skirt she was wearing, have to love farm girls, but when the time came so did he leaving a sticky surprise creampie in her hairy teen snatch. Needless to say Amber wasn’t happy about the accident but the damage was done and to use the farmers phrase, no crying over spilling milk, or in this case dripping snatch. Thinking quickly Jake grabbed his cell phone and snapped this creampie picture for us, which looks right down Amber’s used pussy hole to show that surprise creampie load he left.

Here is a nice heart shaped ass which came from Toby who says my hairy wife looks best showing her creampie picture to the world and hey we agree! I like this view actually, one of my favorites to be more specific, just because it has that freshly fucked look to it. No  special angles are needed when you show off like this and its refreshing to see a hairy twat flowing after being used and abused by some swinging dick.

Of course from this angle you can’t tell if this hairy wife was sleeping during that event, hell she could have been drunk and passed out when the old boy pulled off the panties and took care of a late night woody, but as long as we get to see a hairy wife and a creampie picture of her cum dripping cunt we don’t care do we?


I’m guessing that wasn’t the case though so lets get down to the dirty part. The first thing I see in this creampie picture is a wet and well used pussy, cum dripping down the side of her ass, and the clear leftovers peeking out of those hairy lips. A nice clear glob of sperm rests quietly at the slit of her pussy hole which is a clear indicator of a fresh creampie deposit.


Hows this for looking right down the barrel of a cum filled hairy twat? Spread wide for all to see this hairy creampie closeup picture depicts the aftermath of a good hard screw this lady received. The gentleman who sent in this picture said she is  a true cum slut and is willing to let just about any swinging dick blow loads of sperm up her vagina hole, and that’s my kind of whore.

She has had more cock in her hairy pussy hole than most Vegas hookers plus the amount of sperm that been pumped up her creampie hole could fill a small truck but thats how we like our hairy snatch. Looking closely at this creampie closeup I noticed one thing, she doesn’t appear to be to thrilled about being laid out for all to see, but none the less its a great looking hairy creampie picture and when it comes to a ladies snatch dripping man juice we are glad to see it.



I am a fan of hairy pussy and in today’s world of porn most of the chicks I witness all shave their little twats. Don’t get me wrong I do like a nice bald beaver but I also enjoy the sight of a nicely furry snatch, especially when its like this hairy creampie closeup.


Alfonz sent us a couple pictures of his lady friend and I picked this one out of the bunch to share with you all. The reason being is that it depicts the results of a night of kinky fun and more importantly it shows a fertile pussy. Nothing in my mind covers fertility better than a hairy creampie because you know if theres hair then the chick is pumping out eggs and any load of sperm inside her cunt is action in waiting.

I also like to see pictures of cum matted hairy creampie like this and if someone out there can send some pics of your standing wife or girlfriend with a load like this please email them in so we can add them here.

Here is a nice full body picture of a nice wife sporting the perfect hairy pussy and of course this picture was taken right after her husband blew a load of sperm in her twat leaving the naughty slut dripping with a gooey creampie. Obviously this chick is used to letting her old man fill her pussy with sperm as this picture shows at least one of those batches found an egg.


Lets just hope her fertile snatch doesn’t take a liking to the gooey dripping load flowing from her hairy creampie hole and leave her knocked up. Joe sent us this picture  and said he loves to see my hairy wife showing creampie and tries to take lots of pictures each time she does.


All I can add to this is Joe, we are with you man. Your hairy wife showing creampie picture is perfection untouched and its cool you sent this one in  for all to see. I really like the way she smiles and would love to slide in and add another load of sperm to her twat.