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Next up on the list of hotties is Tammy, a very nice amateur creampie wife, who’s old man emailed off this picture for us to post. The first thing on the list is to thank Joe for sending such a great picture as it doesn’t get much more intense than a up the twat in your face cum dripping like this.


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You will have to admit that this is one well fertilized cunt and I can only image what the results would be if it weren’t for the fact that this amateur milf was practicing some form of birth control. Her husband sent this picture in and explained it this way.. Beth and I have alwasy enjoyed showing off for the masses and when the opportunity came up to display one of her with a good load of cum dripping from her cunt we jumped at the moment.


As you can see Beth isn’t shy about showing off all her assets, right down to the smile on her lovely face, so it was a pleasure to receive this picture and the story behind it. With all that good sticky goo flowing out of that twat this image will sure to please the amateur milf creampie lovers out there so enjoy and watch out for next weeks update.

In life we always have the good, the bad, and the ugly and in this picture update we have a perfect amateur creampie mom who is all good! It was uploaded by her hubby Frank and he says she loves to be filled full of spunk and better yet loves to show off her sticky snatch. Hey, I’m all for both of those two things so here is her picture.


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Oh no somebody is dripping cum all over the sofa and the name of this bad girl is Jill, fortunately for her boyfriend is was on mom and dads couch…ha. Have you ever wondered how many sofas have cum stains on them? It boggles them mind to even think about really. Just think that almost every piece of furniture in a hot wife’s house has been used as a sexual devise and odds are each has the left over remnants of a free amateur creampie like this one.


This is actually a great creampie picture as most often girls are reluctant to show their faces in pics for fear of being recognized but Jill is the daring type and let her boyfriend snap this image just seconds after he blew her twat full of spunk.


I am thinking that Jill didn’t tell her parents about the romp which led to this free amateur creampie picture but I hope she took the time to clean up the sticky goo and smell of freshly banged twat which is soaking the cushions below her hot ass.

Older gals have always interested me and I suppose that stems from the notion that mature women tend to have the skills in place that bring out the most erotic behavior possible. Whether or not that is true is beside me but a good mature amateur creampie does depict the idea that these wonderful women know how to take a load of sperm in their twats.


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In the golden oldie days most women sported a nice hairy bush but over the last decade the vast majority of females have switched from letting it all grow to the now popular shaved beaver look.


Not that I don’t enjoy such clean and crisp looking pussies but every now and then I like to see the after math of a nice hairy amateur creampie as it drips out of a cunt and covers all those bushy lips.


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Now Tony loves to see fill his teen girlfriend full of spunk and I like to see the after effect ourselves so when this picture hit my mailbox I quickly stroked off a good load too. He mentioned in his message that her name is Gloria, which to me doesn’t sound like her name, but hey I don’t care.


Anyway, after a night at the movies they ended up back at her mom and dads house and to his luck the parents where out for dinner. They snuck up into her bedroom and threw the covers off and done the dirty, wonder if mom and pop knew their little girl was home taking a cock and that we would have this teen amateur dripping creampie on our site!


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Gonna start off this blog with an amateur creampie that shouldn’t have happened. One of the posters named Julian uploaded this image with the following details.

From what I gathered on his post he and his girlfriend had been playing around in the car and decided that a road side stop for some sex was needed. I agreed as who wouldn’t want to blow a load of sperm inside this teens pussy.


They  pulled into a semi-secluded area and he convinced the teen to strip naked. She reluctantly agreed with the condition that he not cum inside her pussy, well when the amateur creampie moment came he did just the opposite.


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